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This mitzvah requires fantastic adherence given that one who is persistent in its observance will extend the lives of oneself and one's household, while one who overlooks it could G-d forbid do the opposite. One who continuously passes a mezuzah will be reminded of the oneness of Hashem and refrain from sinning.

In addition, a dwelling with a mezuzah is guarded by our King in Heaven as He protects us from the beyond our homes, as opposed to the custom among humanity where the king stays inside while the guards view the doorway. One must not utilize the effect of protection as motivation to affix a mezuzah it ought to be done because it is a commandment from Hashem.

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Those authorities require that the individual acknowledge that they would satisfy the mitzvah of mezuzah with the exact same interest even if it did not offer defense. The Mitzavh, When one leaves his home, it appertains to put his hand on the mezuzah and some say, "G-d watches my leaving and entering." Others place the ring finger on the word Shin Daled Yud (") written on the outside of the scroll and after that kiss this finger.

The mitzvah of mezuzah is incumbent on both males and women considering that it is continuous, not time bound. In addition, one who fulfills the mitzvah of mezuzah is promised the benefit of a long life, which uses to both genders. Although the mitzvah is also incumbent on women, a lady ought to not attach the mezuzos.

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Requirements, All types of structures are subject to the mitzvah of mezuzah, the exception being "non-honorable" erections, like an outhouse or bathhouse). In addition, gates around cities and towns require mezuzah at the entryway if the population is only consisted of Jews. In the days when Jewish individuals were needed to reside in walled ghettos they did not place mezuzos on the entrance so as not to annoy the non-Jewish population of the city.

Shuls that are strictly utilized for prayer do not need mezuzos unless they include a room for house. In the Bais Ha, Mikdash, none of the gates had mezuzos except for the one that led to the space that housed the High Priest throughout his Yom Kippur preparations, and this requirement lasted only throughout that week.

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Nevertheless, a Bais Medrash which is also utilized for finding out need to have a mezuzah that is attached without a brocha. A house needs 4 walls in order to need a mezuzah. Nevertheless, as stated, an entrance likewise needs a mezuzah despite the fact that it does not have four walls. Both a sukkah and spaces on a ship do not require mezuzos.

A lintel that is not straight still requires a mezuzah because it resembles an archway. An entrance that is split by a pole in the middle is counted as two separate doorways if both doors open up to the pole. If the pole is just erected for decoration, and not for structural integrity, only one mezuzah is required.

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This even refers to a scenario when one rents from a non-Jew. A hotel owned by a Jew needs mezuzos on all of the rooms up for rent, even those that will be rented to non-Jews, given that the mitzvah is incumbent on the owner. One who rents a room needs to affix a mezuzah at his own expense and can not eliminate it when he leaves (although the Jewish owner must reimburse him).

If one rents a house from a Jew who is not Torah observant, one need to not leave the mezuzos when leaving, since the apartment or condo might be rented to a non-Jew. If a non-Jewish renter demands having a mezuzah, one can affix a mezuzah for him. A garage that is only used to park cars and trucks does not need a mezuzah.

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The minimum rate for a credible mezuzah is around $30. Otherwise, the mezuzah might be offered by an unapproved dealership, composed by a child who is not bound in the mitzvah, written out of order, or the sofer might not have been mekadesh Hashem's name before writing the mezuzah or did not prepare the parchment or ink with the appropriate intentions.

The mezuzah is attached on the outdoors handbreadth of the doorpost at the start of the top 1/3 of height, but the placement is legitimate as long as the mezuzah is more than a tefach from the top on the ideal side dealing with the entrance. The doorpost should be attached prior to the mezuzah is attached.



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